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Passage to ASEAN was officially formed in June 2012 during the First Assembly of Representatives hosted by Rangsit University in Thailand and attended by Norton University of Cambodia, Duy Tan University of Vietnam, The National University of Laos, and Myanmar Computer Institute of Myanmar. Passage to ASEAN is guided by One Vision, One Identity and One Caring and Sharing Community and by the Principals of the ASEAN Charter. Passage to ASEAN is driven by the need for regional solidarity and a shared responsibility towards people and society as a whole and strengthened by resources and abilities to contribute towards the ASEAN Community. The objectives and the organizational structure of Passage to ASEAN is documented in the Passage to ASEAN Charter and Framework. Passage to ASEAN is supported by the P2A Secretariat, located at Rangsit University, Thailand. 

Today, P2A is developing the network of ASEAN universities and institutes that share a common belief in the mission of Passage to ASEAN. These partners agree to cooperate under the P2A Charter and the P2A Framework. Together they join hands in preparing students to contribute towards a united ASEAN Community.

P2A is a program that belongs to the partners. The partnership is non-exclusive and non-binding and there are no membership fees.

DTU P2A Team

Meet the P2A Team at DTU

Phuoc Nguyen Huy

Mr. Phuoc Nguyen Huy

Office of International Relations

Chuong Nguyen Nhat

Mr. Chuong Nguyen Nhat

Vocational College & Trade School

Quynh Mai Nhu

Ms. Quynh Mai Nhu

Vocational College & Trade School

Anh Bui Duc

Mr. Anh Bui Duc

Microsoft Innovation Center at DTU


Frequently asked questions

The P2A Secretariat is appointed by the Standing Committee. The Secretariat rotates every two years amongst the P2A partners. The Secretariat chairs meetings of the Standing Committee; meetings of the Representatives and where appropriate meetings with ASEAN organizations and officials. The Secretariat actively promotes the interests of Passage to ASEAN, including expanding the program through policy initiatives, coordination, consensus and cooperation.

The Secretariat serves as the focal point and the center of information for P2A partners and related organizations. The Secretariat coordinates annual meetings with P2A partners to establish an annual P2A Framework, containing guiding principles for all P2A partners in implementing Passage to ASEAN. The Framework describes program activities, financial guidelines and general regulations for Passage to ASEAN. The Secretariat is currently located at Rangsit University in Thailand

To register as a new partner please go to http://www.p2a.asia/HTML/aboutUs.aspx then click "Register as partner" then complete the information form and attach a logo on your institute and a photo of the contact person.


  • Address: K7/25 Quang Trung St, Hai Chau Province, Da Nang City.
  • Email: p2avietnam@gmail.com
  • Website: http://p2avietnam.asia - http://p2a.vn
  • Telephone: +84 511 3827111 (Ext 701)